Breaking Down Mattresses. Building up Lives.

Why Spring Back Recycling?

Spring Back Recycling provides employment opportunities for disenfranchised men through a sustainable waste diversion business model. We are responsible for changing lives and environments in four different parts of the country.

Spring Back receives mattresses from various sources, including retailers, universities, hotels, government institutions, and individuals, creating an alternative to landfills. When the mattresses arrive, a technician will disassemble them. We then separate the foam, steel, cotton, felt, and place each material in its own material bailer. Once bailed, the recycled materials are sold to their respective material buyers. Following that, each material is repurposed into well-known products such as carpet underlay, insulation, and new metal goods.

Spring Back can recycle 90%+ of each mattress and box spring received. This process gives new life to old materials that would otherwise occupy valuable landfill space. We strive to create an environment that enables each employee to be a part of a high-functioning team. Our employees gain essential work experience concerning managing people, processes, and time. Additionally, each Spring Back location is partnered with a non-profit organization that can support workers holistically, providing invaluable support as they “spring back” into society.

Currently, there are 4 Spring Back locations resulting in jobs for over 20 men. Spring Back recycled over 4 million pounds of recycled material in 2014 alone. Each center is unique to its community, so please contact your local Spring Back to learn more about its mission and how you can support its efforts. Spring Back hopes to continue its growth throughout the United States. If you believe Spring Back is a good fit for your community, please reach out to us.

Transitional Employment

Millions of Americans struggle to find and keep work, and as a result, the number of people facing serious employment barriers is growing at an alarming rate.

Spring Back Recycling is structured to be a stepping stone for most. Individuals who previously had little to no employment experience can earn a living wage while learning valuable skills that will help them grow personally, professionally, and spiritually.


Jobs give us a much-needed sense of purpose while also adding stability and structure to our lives. Employment is an integral part of every worker’s identity, and every worker deserves to feel proud of their contribution to society. In challenging economic times, it is heartbreaking to see the effects of unemployment on people’s lives – financially, emotionally, and physically.

At Spring Back, we aim to create job opportunities for disenfranchised populations in Nashville, Tennessee (TN).

Our first center in Nashville employs formerly incarcerated men. This group faces enormous barriers to successfully re-entering society, making it nearly impossible to find work and achieve financial independence. the threat of relapse weighs heavy on these men as they fail to find work in a timely manner. By explicitly creating job opportunities for this population, Spring Back Nashville aims to become a stepping stone to a new life for its employees.

We hire groups in need of second chances at other Spring Back locations, such as recovering drug addicts and homeless veterans. We’ve purposefully created job opportunities for these groups to keep them from falling through the economy’s ever-widening cracks.

Spring Back employment is meant to be transformative and transitional. Employees gain the immediate benefits of a stable job as well as the ability to build a strong work record, form team relationships, and participate in the organization’s environmental mission. Our success counts when employees reunite with their families, secure their place to live, and uncover new opportunities.

Recycling Options for Nashville Tennessee Residents

Any resident in Tennessee can participate in our recycling program. Please carefully select an option relevant to your county, or choose “Additional” if you do not live in Williamson or Davidson County.

Click to “Learn More” to view recycling instructions, pricing, and directions for each county’s drop-off location.




Our Mission

Spring Back Recycling’s goal is to meet the needs of various hospitals, jails, hotels, furniture stores, mattress manufacturers, and other organizations that want to have their mattresses properly recycled rather than dumped into our landfills. We believe that this is critical to achieving a sustainable environment and preserving the landscape for future generations.

Spring Back Recycling’s prime focus is towards mental health patients, disabled men, and individuals addicted to abusive substances. Our team hopes to assist such people in combating social injustice and creating transitional employment opportunities. We offer pick-up services in most areas at minimal fees.

Meeting the Recycling Needs of Our Local Community.

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