Join Our Affordable Mattress Recycling Program for Retailers and Wholesalers

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An Easy Recycling Solution for Every Business!

We prioritize sustainability by partnering with retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and other recycling companies from all over the Midwest, Southeast, and Northeast to make mattress recycling easy and affordable. We provide the best pricing, offering up to 45% off our standard resident pricing. To help facilitate a mattress drop-off for our partners, we can use our contacts in the trucking industry to ensure you find the most affordable prices on freight. We make it easy for any commercial business to get started recycling today!

What Types of Businesses Participate in Our Mattress Recycling Program?


Both local and from out of town retailers can participate in our mattress program. Just call to set up your account today and start recycling tomorrow.

Partners: Mattress King, Bowles Mattress, Mattress Express, Price Point Furniture


Typically, hotels will buy new mattresses every 4 or 5 years and discard old ones. That’s a lot of non-biodegradable waste flowing into our landfills. Partner with us to keep these unwanted mattresses out of the landfill and recycled into new products.

Partners: Super 8, Hilton, Omni, Marriot, Motel 6

Municipalities/ Local Government

We are so proud of Davidson County for leading the way to support environmentally sound practices like mattress recycling. If you oversee a solid waste business or entity within your local government, we would love to customize a plan that helps you and your residents.

Partners: Davidson County Solid Waste Dept. TN state Parks

Construction / Junk Haulers / Moving Companies

Every month that goes by, more and more junk haulers and construction companies are utilizing our services. It’s quick, easy, and efficient. We are local to Nashville. All you have to do is call today to set up your account. Then start dropping off tomorrow.

Partners: OPS junk removal, Junk Luggers Nashville, Metropolitan Maintenance Group

College Dormitories

Tennessee has 181 college campuses with dormitories. Each is required to replace their mattresses every eight years.

Partners: TSU, Cumberland University, TN Tech, and Vanderbilt already recycle with us.

Hospitals / Nursing homes

There are currently 26,514 nursing homes in the US, and typically mattresses on these beds get replaced every 3-5 years. You do the math!

If your business uses mattresses in any way, Spring Back Recycling will be happy to recycle them at the end of their utility.

Become a Partner in 3 Simple Steps!



Fill out your information in the recycling form below.



We will create you an account, gather your contribution details and schedule a dock time for the items to be delivered to our facility in Nashville.


Lastly, we will provide you with a receipt for tax purposes, while our facility processes and recycles them into new materials.


Mattress Retailers, Wholesalers and Businesses Contact Form


We Have Recycled 30+ Million Pounds of Waste! Join Our Efforts.

Our Partners


As we make our way to our ultimate goal, you can help by following us on your favorite social media platform. Tell people in your network about us and how they can help make a difference by getting their old mattresses recycled. The most powerful tool we have to spread the word and raise awareness is your voice and the voices of your personal circle of family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues. Together we can make a difference.

Simply click the icon of your favorite social media platform to start raising awareness in your community.

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