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Spring Back Recycling goes above and beyond to reuse every scrap of material that we receive after shredding a mattress. We recycle 90% of all material from a mattress and box spring.

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The story behind the Formation of Spring Back Recycling

Spring Back Recycling employs disenfranchised men through a waste diversion business model that is both sustainable and profitable. In April 2012, the company was formed as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Spring Back Recycling was a Belmont University Enactus team project that investigated mattress recycling as a means of achieving a triple bottom line by serving people, renewing the planet, and earning a profit in the long run.

After a year of research, financial modeling, and experimentation, the Enactus team partnered with Belmont Church and their Isaiah 58 ministry to enact its model. The Nashville pilot was a huge success because it provided holistic service to its employees and completely recycled thousands of mattresses. Spring Back Recycling is now expanding to other communities across the United States to multiply its impact as the first and only social enterprise that completely recycles mattresses.

Spring Back aspires to alter how businesses and consumers view disenfranchised and used materials. Spring Back is at the forefront of helping you with your mattress recycling needs, rather than discarding people and disposing of waste. Every Spring Back Recycling location is distinct. You can find information about the employees served and the operation in your community on its location page. Also, you can learn more about recycling your mattress and the inspiring work our partners do beyond mattress recycling.


Spring Back Recycling Timeline


Started as a pilot program.


Partnered with Metro Davidson Co. solid waste department.


Surpassed 80,000 mattresses recycled and partnered with Davidson Co Sheriff Department to provide transitional employment to inmates upon release. Several employees worked for us for many years after re-entering society and re-establishing positive relationships with their families. We partnered with multiple halfway houses in Nashville to employ and teach life skills to recovering addicts and alcoholics.


Partnered with Tennessee Dept of Conservation and Energy.

Currently, we recycle well over 50,000 units per year. In addition, over 3,000,000 pounds of waste are recycled each year, keeping it out of middle Tennessee landfills.

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