LogicForce Consulting, a legal technology firm, has donated its time and technical expertise to aid Spring Back Recycling in creating a website that focuses on educating the public about the importance of mattress recycling and giving back to the local community.

Spring Back Recycling is a non-profit organization that gives back to the community of Nashville on two levels. The organization has recycled over three million mattresses in multiple locations throughout the U.S., significantly decreasing the amount of decomposing mattresses taking up space in landfills. Secondly, Spring Back employs former disenfranchised men who are looking to have a fresh start at giving back to their communities.

Mattress recycling is a type of recycling that is not inherently popular due to the fact that it requires partial manual labor to separate each material. This gives Spring Back a unique opportunity to provide additional employment as well as serve the community by decreasing the amount of mattresses in landfills and lowering the health risks associated from used mattresses in circulation.

Regarding the partnership of LogicForce and Spring Back and the need for a new website to raise awareness, Blake Tidwell, Executive Director of Spring Back Recycling, had this to say:

“At Spring Back, we needed a responsive website to effectively spread the news about the work that we do in communities around the country every day. We needed to partner with an organization that had not only tremendous technical expertise, but that also valued bettering the communities where they operate. After discussing our need with LogicForce, it was evident that they had more than enough technical acumen to deliver a world-class website and that they took their values seriously. We are extremely grateful to have LogicForce as our technology partner. Keith and Ryan were professional, timely, and did a tremendous job understanding our needs. Because of their work, we will be able to spread the news about the work we are doing; creating employment opportunities for disenfranchised men through a sustainable business model of waste diversion.”

About the shared goal of raising awareness and the crucial impact mattress recycling has on the environment, Ryan Raplee, Digital Marketing Specialist at LogicForce Consulting, provided the following:

“When Spring Back Recycling approached us to discuss building a new website for them, we were very excited because Spring Back has such a positive reputation for the environmental and social impact they are making on the communities that they operate in. They have recycled over 3.7 million mattresses which would have otherwise taken over a decade to decompose in a landfill. One of our core values at LogicForce is: We will have a positive impact on the communities in which we operate. Since Spring Back is headquartered in Nashville and is wholeheartedly aligned with this core value, it felt only natural to help. Websites are very important in garnering exposure and expanding the reach of a cause. As such, we wanted Spring Back to be able to have something they could be proud of and utilize to grow their reach. We donated to them our time and expertise to build a stunning, fully responsive, and easily updatable website.”

By reaching out to businesses and consumers alike regarding the importance of mattress recycling and what Spring Back is doing, Spring Back and LogicForce hope to increase local awareness and reach out to other locations where similar organizations might be interested in opening a licensed Spring Back recycling site.

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About Spring Back Recycling: Spring Back Recycling is a non-profit organization based in five separate locations around the nation. Since the organization’s 2010 origins as a simple university project, Spring Back has become a fully-fledged organization that prides itself on giving back to each of its communities in a unique way, providing employment for disenfranchised men looking to get back on their feet again, and raising the environmental awareness of the surrounding community.

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