Williamson County No Longer Accepting Mattresses Into Their Landfills! Recycling Only.

Mattress Recycling Updates for Williamson County Residents: As of April 1, the county’s solid waste systems must recycle their mattress or box springs and are no longer accepting mattresses as waste in their landfill. This county’s waste system is no longer accepting disposal of these materials in landfills.  Instead, they have partnered with SpringBack Mattress Recycling and for just $20 per item, residents can contribute to a sustainable future and recycle their mattresses and box springs. This will allow for the repurposing of mattresses into something brand new with SpringBack. Residents will be able to access SpringBack’s drop off trailer at all Williamson County Solid Waste sites. This new change applies to any commercial hauls coming in as well. Mattresses and box springs must be separated from the rest of the cargo and dropped off at one of the recycling trucks located onsite at Williamson County’s Solid Waste Locations.

We have 3 new locations! Grassland Convenience Center, located at 1495 Sneed Rd in Franklin, provides close access for Grassland residents and adjacent areas. Williamson County Landfill Convenience Center is the second location and is located at 5750 Pinewood Rd in Franklin. All of these locations provide a second or third option to the original recycling center, Nolensville Convenience Center. The two new Convenience Centers provide residents with an opportunity to recycle items closer to home, reducing the environmental impact of transportation and making it easier for more people to participate in the County’s recycling program.


Williamson Herald says, “Spring Back has helped countless homeless men with on-the-job vocational training and life skills mentoring. Transitioning these men back to a productive part of our society and their families is the mission driven purpose of the organization.” (Reports, Herald. “Williamson County’s Mattress Recycling Program Is Expanding.” Williamson Herald, 8 Apr.2024) To learn more about how your mattress recycling affects our local community and a fresh start for these men, click here.

Not only does this change prevent the mattresses from ending up in landfills, but it will provide more work to these determined men, who have committed to the cause. 

Williamson County Solid Waste Director, Mac Nolen, says, “We appreciate the community’s cooperation to extend the Williamson County Landfill’s lifespan. Mattresses take up space, are slow to break down, and emit harmful gasses as they decompose. There are substantial environmental and economic benefits to recycling mattresses, especially when landfill avoidance costs are taken into consideration.” Not only does recycling your mattress contribute to sustainability, but it prevents harmful chemicals being released into the atmosphere. By adopting more sustainable practices, we can reduce our environmental impact and preserve valuable resources for future generations. Recycling and repurposing items not only minimizes waste but also promotes the creation of a circular economy, where materials are reused and regenerated instead of being discarded.

Learn more behind WHY Mattresses, here!

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