Happy New Year, Nashville residents! With the start of a new year comes new opportunities for community improvement, and SpringBack Mattress Recycling is excited to announce two new mattress and box spring recycling locations conveniently located throughout Williamson County. By choosing to recycle your old mattress instead of disposing of it in the landfill, you can contribute to a cleaner, healthier environment for all. Keep reading to learn more about our new locations and drop-off instructions.

The first location, opening on January 2, 2024, is the Grassland Convenience Center located at 1495 Sneed Road in Franklin, TN. This location will provide easy access to residents living in the Grassland and neighboring areas. The second location, opening on February 1, 2024, is at the Williamson County Landfill Convenience Center, located at 5750 Pinewood Road in Franklin, TN. We understand that it may not be convenient for everyone to travel to our Mattress Recycling Center, so we are excited to bring our services closer to the community where we can make it much easier for individuals to dispose of their old mattresses. For a list of ALL recycling options and locations throughout Nashville, click here.

We understand the importance of making recycling transparent and straightforward. Therefore, we accept debit and credit card payments only; we do not accept cash at this time. Williamson County residents are asked to pay $20.00 per mattress and $20.00 per box spring. Once you arrive, please proceed to the guard shack to pay via credit or debit card. The guard will then direct you to our 53ft trailer truck to load your mattress. One of our SpringBack team members picks up the truck weekly to process the mattress at our facility.

Aside from the environmental benefits of mattress recycling, choosing SpringBack Mattress Recycling has several economic benefits too. Landfill avoidance costs are lowered, and natural resources are conserved in the production of new mattresses since we use the mattress recyclables to create items like carpet padding, animal bedding, and other products.

We at SpringBack Mattress Recycling can’t wait for you to join us in our passion for environmental sustainability. With our new Williamson County locations, you now have two new places in Nashville to recycle your old mattresses with ease. At SpringBack, we believe that small steps lead to more significant ones, and recycling is one of those steps. Doing our part, no matter how small, can help build a better future for generations to come. Let’s make 2024 the year of community improvement and better environmental practices.

For a list of all recycling options, visit click here.

For commercial recycling opportunities and information, click here.

For local pickup services, click here.

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