Homelessness and solid waste landfills are among the biggest challenges in Middle Tennessee and across the country. It’s disturbing to know that homelessness is a felony in Tennessee, and it costs more than $30,000 a year to house an inmate for just a year. Fortunately, there’s a solution that addresses both problems – mattress recycling. Spring Back Recycling is an organization that transforms old mattresses into reusable materials while providing employment opportunities for disenfranchised communities. Read on to learn more about how Spring Back Recycling is changing lives and improving the environment in a sustainable way, one mattress at a time.

In a year, one employee can recycle close to 3,000 mattresses, saving the environment and creating employment opportunities.

Spring Back Recycling is a non-profit organization that recycles mattresses and diverts millions of pounds of waste each year. The organization employs disenfranchised men through a sustainable waste diversion business model. The mattresses that Spring Back Recycling receives come from various sources, and they provide an alternative to landfills. Upon arrival, a technician disassembles and bails each material in its own material bailer, and the contents are sold to buyers for repurposed materials.


At Spring Back Recycling, the aim is to create an environment that enables each employee to be part of a high-functioning team.

The employees gain essential work experience concerning managing people, processes, and time. Additionally, each location is partnered with a non-profit organization that can support workers holistically, providing invaluable support as they “spring back” into society. This program is a win-win for everyone – the environment, people in need of employment, and non-profit organizations that offer additional support.


Recycling mattresses offers a way of preserving the environment and reducing the carbon footprint.

Furthermore, recycling mattresses is a sustainable solution for waste management. With Spring Back Recycling, millions of pounds of waste that would have ordinarily ended up in landfills can now be repurposed into useful materials. Moreover, this process reduces greenhouse gas emissions while conserving energy and resources.

Spring Back Recycling has a significant impact on society and the environment.

The organization offers an excellent alternative to landfills for old and discarded mattresses, which can cause significant environmental damage. Moreover, Spring Back Recycling empowers disenfranchised men by providing them with jobs and work experience, which helps them transition back into society. Finally, the organization makes a significant contribution to waste management by recycling millions of pounds of waste each year.

Spring Back Recycling is a remarkable organization committed to addressing the grave issues of homelessness and waste management through mattress recycling.

Spring Back Recycling’s program and mission are commendable as they aim to create a sustainable solution that provides employment opportunities while protecting the environment. If you’re looking to dispose of an old mattress or want to get involved in a change-making organization that empowers people and conserves the environment, Spring Back Recycling is an excellent choice. You can do your part to support the organization today by VOTING for county-wide mattress recycling opportunities in middle-Tennessee or by visiting one of their locations. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of disenfranchised men and the environment, one mattress at a time.


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