At the heart of green initiatives, there’s a shift from the convenience of disposing toward the action of reusing and recycling. This transformation is notably unfolding in Nashville, with Spring Back Mattress Recycling, non-profit operations leading the charge in a sustainable future for the city of Nashville. We are excited to announce the refresh of Spring Back’s Donation Program, now allowing contributors to securely and easily make charitable donations to our mission. We invite you to keep reading to understand how vast your impact is in our local community, and how you can contribute in joining our mission.

This call to action is for transforming of lives, creating jobs, and building a more resilient community around us. Spring Back’s current fundraising campaign is integral to Nashville’s long-term well-being, and every single contribution counts. Here’s a closer look at what your donations will help achieve and why they’re vital for Nashville’s future.

The Urgent Need for Space to Continue Green Initiatives

The growth of Spring Back has been exponential thanks to people like you! The inflow of used mattresses and box springs for recycling has far surpassed our warehouse’s capacities. Our 2024 goal is to raise $600,000 to acquire a larger storage facility. This expanded space won’t just accommodate more mattresses but will serve as a long-term vision to help change lives in Nashville.

Long-Term Vision: Transitional Housing for Reintegration into Society

Spring Back provides employment to people facing significant barriers due to their past experiences. Your support means these individuals get more than a job; they receive a second chance. The ripple effects in their lives and those of their families are immeasurable. Our vision doesn’t halt at recycling at a new warehouse. However, with a larger warehouse, the goal is to establish on-site transitional housing for previously incarcerated individuals, who are SpringBack employees returning to society. This initiative would provide invaluable support and consistency to Spring Back’s employees as they reintegrate into the workforce, learn how to live responsible lives, and process mattresses onsite. Such holistic support and accountability is rare and could make a monumental difference to the transition of recovering employees.

Your commitment is pivotal. Here’s how you can join Spring Back’s mission to secure a sustainable future for Nashville.

Spring Back’s Donation Program:

Every dollar you generously give brings Nashville closer to a sustainable future. Donating to Spring Back’s fundraising campaign directly resolves our immediate concern and supports long-term goals. Financial contributions are not simply monetary; they’re investments in a cleaner, greener city and in the lives of its residents.

Recycle Your Mattress & Box Springs:

Don’t just dispose of your old mattress; recycle it with Spring Back. We have multiple locations across Nashville (and other parts of the US) and we invite you to view which local, recycle drop-off location is closest to you, here! This dual-purpose act efficiently handles waste disposal and adds to the resources the non-profit can sell to fund its operations. It’s a simple but significant way to contribute to Spring Back continuing to be self-supporting, like we teach our employees.

Be an Advocate:

Spread the word. The more people who know about Spring Back and its mission, the more potential there is for support. Use your voice and your influence to raise awareness about this important cause. Encouraging others to donate or recycle their mattresses is an act of amplifying our ability to reach the greater part of our community. Additionally, you can visit our Recycling Voting Poll to quickly give us a “Thumbs Up” to advocate for more recycle drop-off locations around town–let the local decision makers know what you want!

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SpringBack’s Donation Program is Key to Rewriting Nashville’s Story

Your donation is an investment in the ongoing narrative of resilience, second chances, community, and care. The sustainability of Nashville hinges on the action of its people, and your support embodies the values this city holds dear. Take the step. Make the donation. Be part of Nashville’s thriving legacy—a testament to what a community can achieve when it dares to care and take action. Visit our newly refreshed donations page to read more about ways you can contribute, financially, through recycling or helping to simply spread the word!

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