Do you know what happens to your old mattress and box spring after you dispose of them?

They usually end up in landfills, taking up space and decomposing for years. However, there is a way to recycle them and repurpose their materials into new products. Spring Back Mattress Recycling is making a huge impact in Tennessee by providing drop-off sites for residents of Nashville, TN, and surrounding counties to recycle their old mattresses and box springs for a small fee. Not only does this program help the environment, but it also provides employment and benefits for staff and addresses homelessness in the local community. In this article, we’ll dive deeper into the benefits and locations of these drop-off sites, so let’s get started! Why is mattress recycling important? Mattresses take up an enormous amount of space in landfills and can take up to a decade or more to decompose naturally. This means that other waste can not decompose as it should, leading to environmental problems and a loss of space. The recycling program by Spring Back Mattress Recycling has been developed with a solution to these issues. They have an average of 50,000 mattresses recycled per year, which equates to over 3 million cubic feet of landfill space conserved. To make it even more impactful, this program also creates employment in the community and reduces homelessness. Each of our mattresses is broken down by hand, and materials are separated band bailed with the help of our staff members.

For residents of Nashville, TN, and surrounding counties, there are multiple drop off locations for old mattresses and box springs. These locations can be found on the Spring Back Mattress Recycling website, and they are accessible at a low cost. The materials that are collected are broken down and repurposed into new products, such as industrial felt and carpet padding. This recycling process continues to make a significant difference in waste reduction in the area.

DAVIDSON COUNTY RESIDENTS Mattress Drop-off Locations Click Here.

The recycling program by Spring Back Mattress Recycling helps in reducing the cost of landfill management. When residents recycle their mattresses and box springs, the local governments save money on creating landfill space to store the decomposing materials. This money can instead be channeled into other community services that would help in addressing the factors that lead to homelessness in the area and provide additional employment opportunities.

“We hope residents will take advantage of this opportunity to recycle their mattresses at the Nolensville Convenience Center. There are substantial environmental and economic benefits to recycling mattresses, especially when landfill avoidance costs are taken into consideration.”       
Mac NolenSolid Waste Director of Williamson County

In summary, Spring Back Mattress Recycling is making a significant difference in Nashville, TN, and beyond by providing a recycling program for mattresses and box springs. By doing so, we help conserve landfill space, create jobs in the community, and address homelessness. Drop off sites for old mattresses and box springs are accessible at a low cost, and convenient locations. It is our role as responsible citizens to make a difference in our environment and community, and participating in this program is a great way to do so. Let’s make a significant impact and reduce waste in a way that benefits our environment and community.

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